Do it Yourself – Self Watering Seed Beds & Grow Light Frame

The last frost date is fast approaching and its time to get the tomatoes, peppers and greens going for the garden. But, going to be away for a couple of weeks! What to do? It turns out that self watering seed beds and grow lamps are pricy. So If you want to save some coinContinue reading “Do it Yourself – Self Watering Seed Beds & Grow Light Frame”

Update from the Garden! Building Beds and Starting Seeds!

I had to move again! That’s two summers in a row, but I’m stoked to be in a permanent location at last. I’ve been installing garden boxes which has involved some insane woodworking, during which I actually used some high school trigonometry. Remember that thing with the triangle? Yeah, I used that! I wish IContinue reading “Update from the Garden! Building Beds and Starting Seeds!”

Foraging for Blackberry Jelly! Two Ingredient Recipe!

Blackberry season is here, and as with the Stanley Cup play offs you have to sacrifice your body to get the best fruit. I’ve been out battling the brambles and have come home with a bounty of blackberries – 6lbs to be exact! Foraging and Canning are essential homesteading skills as per the Homesteading SkillsContinue reading “Foraging for Blackberry Jelly! Two Ingredient Recipe!”

Free Garlic!?! Harvest and more!

I learned a lot about garlic this year. I had to plant in the greenhouse because I was dealing with a rodent issue in the autumn and planing outside wasn’t an option. We also get A LOT of rain on the west coast, so rotting was a concern. What did I plant? Garlic from aContinue reading “Free Garlic!?! Harvest and more!”

3 films for the planet that you need to see this holiday season

Aside from all the usual holiday, girl meets boy, comedy ensues, they fall in love etc. Movies you may get dragged into, perhaps this holiday season is the time for something more meaty! (stay with me vegetarians)! 2020 has given us time to reflect, if you’re thinking has brought you to a place where youContinue reading “3 films for the planet that you need to see this holiday season”