Welcome to Moon Snail Microstead

You don’t need a farm to eat sustainably…

…Or at least we hope you don’t! Join one couple seeking to prove that anyone can succeed in the garden! Follow us on YouTube and Instagram and be part of the journey.

Moon snail Microstead in Numbers 2021

12lbs Rhubarb

2 Hungarian Wax Peppers

5 Bulbs of Garlic

4lbs 9oz Cucumbers

4lbs 9oz Cucumbers

1lb Tomatillos

9 Large Red Peppers

2lbs 11oz Scallopini

17lbs 9oz Tomatoes

3 Pumpkins

8 and a half Cobs of Corn

9lbs of Useable Potatoes

A Handful of Dry Beans

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.”

Khalil Gibran