Do it Yourself – Self Watering Seed Beds & Grow Light Frame

The last frost date is fast approaching and its time to get the tomatoes, peppers and greens going for the garden. But, going to be away for a couple of weeks! What to do? It turns out that self watering seed beds and grow lamps are pricy. So If you want to save some coinContinue reading “Do it Yourself – Self Watering Seed Beds & Grow Light Frame”

The Religion of Less Plastic

I received a calendar from the Anglican Communion Environmental Network covering the season of Lent, each day with a suggestion of how to use less plastic. Why? Well it turns out that Anglicans in Canada promise to strive to safeguard the integrity of God’s creation, and respect, sustain and renew the life of the EarthContinue reading “The Religion of Less Plastic”

Up-Cycling Fashion PowTown Style: A Review of Eunoia

Picture by Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash Visiting Powell River this past weekend, I was stunned to find up-cycling in the heart of the town site where the pulp and paper mill has been the dominant industry since 1912. Walking into the new Townsite Market, freshly opened on December 9th 2018, I came upon Eunoia, a fibreContinue reading “Up-Cycling Fashion PowTown Style: A Review of Eunoia”

The Last Straw: Zero Waste at Home, a Quick Inventory with Solutions

We continue our journey to living a cleaner life and we’ve been inspired by the recent decision in Vancouver to ban all plastic straws. Single use plastics are the latest thing under scrutiny, so aiming to live clean we took an inventory of the single use plastics in our apartment and have begun compiling aContinue reading “The Last Straw: Zero Waste at Home, a Quick Inventory with Solutions”

Waste and Wonder, 7 Sustainability Tips for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and like lots of families, we find our budget not only stretched, but when people ask what we would like for Christmas, they’re met with a long uuuhhhhh… We don’t need anything. Our wants are whimsical wishes like, a lottery win, so we can travel, pay off our mortgage and setContinue reading “Waste and Wonder, 7 Sustainability Tips for Christmas”