Essential Homesteading Skills Survey

Since we came from the city to our microstead on the Sunshine Coast, we had to make some big changes. We thought we were fairly practical people but we’ve been surprised by just how much work it takes to keep a garden and house running smoothly. If we want to reach our goal of sustainableContinue reading “Essential Homesteading Skills Survey”

5 Up-cycled Crafts to do with Your Kids

Going crazy at home? Trying to keep your kids occupied while making sure they don’t interact with other people? Yeah that’s fun….said no parent ever! While you’re self isolating thanks to COVID-19, don’t worry, you won’t even have to leave the house. Get your kids to dig out all their paints, pens glues etc whileContinue reading “5 Up-cycled Crafts to do with Your Kids”

3 Post Christmas Up-Cycling Hacks

If like me you’ve tried to take your recycling down and found it overflowing this year, you might want to try something new for next year to reduce waste and reuse what you’ve got. Old Christmas Cards When you take your cards down, instead of putting them straight into the recycling, use them as giftContinue reading “3 Post Christmas Up-Cycling Hacks”

10 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Make

If you’re staring down the barrel of a weight loss resolution you know you will fail at in a matter of weeks, try pledging to do better by the planet this year with these 10 easy New Year’s resolutions. 1. Compost Yes you read that right. Compost. Even if you live in an apartment buildingContinue reading “10 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Make”

3 films for the planet that you need to see this holiday season

Aside from all the usual holiday, girl meets boy, comedy ensues, they fall in love etc. Movies you may get dragged into, perhaps this holiday season is the time for something more meaty! (stay with me vegetarians)! 2020 has given us time to reflect, if you’re thinking has brought you to a place where youContinue reading “3 films for the planet that you need to see this holiday season”

10 Uses for Mason Jars You Need to Know!

We’ve all seen Mason Jars adapted in to wedding centre pieces, lunch boxes and candles but here’s the ultimate hipster guide to using these versatile jars in ever aspect of life! We’ve collated the top 10 uses for Mason Jars that we hadn’t seen before, no chalk paint or glitter here! Mason Jar Bird FeederContinue reading “10 Uses for Mason Jars You Need to Know!”

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

On average, Canada generates 720 kg of waste per capita (see the average by province). Yikes! The grocery store is one place you can quickly reduce that number by making some simple changes. Re-usable bags have been a staple in Vancouver Grocery stores for a long time, but you can still choose to buy aContinue reading “Zero Waste Grocery Shopping”