Hi I’m Lucy! I’m an artist and Anglican priest, originally from the UK, calling Canada home since 2008. I love to be outside and am a creative cook and food enthusiast. I love the idea of homesteading, but am limited by space, hence the microstead, named for the moon snails found on British Columbia’s stunning coastline!

My journey into growing food started with a balcony garden in Vancouver measuring 6×2’6” square, some baffled neighbours and a lot of enthusiasm. Mistakes and disappointments came along side the successes and over time it produced, beans, carrots, peas, peppers, and eggplant, and a ton of tomatoes.

The balcony garden box

In 2021 I moved up the coast to Powell River, a town thronging with food and farming enthusiasts alike! I have now expanded from a garden box to a micro-stead which will be my attempt to grow as much of the food I eat as possible in the style of a homesteader with limited space!

I am finally settled in a permanent location with my partner Alex and a back yard of my own with plenty of sun!

The goal is to grow as much food as possible since the grocery bill is not getting any cheaper, have more control of what goes into the food I eat, and prove that you can feed yourself from a small garden by employing homesteading methods! I started by doing a survey of homesteading skills that I will attempt to learn as I go.

Join me and Myrtle my faithful hound as we share our Microstead into adventures! Grow – Eat – Repeat!

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