About Us

The balcony garden box

We met in Vancouver in 2010 and lived there in an 855 square ft. Apartment with our cat and dog, Beasty and Hunter. We built a garden box that took up most of our balcony, and though our neighbours thought we were crazy, we moved to Powell River on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast in May of 2021 having renovated a house that we managed to purchase the year before. We needed to be closer to family and restore a work life balance, working to live instead of living to work.

Showing Family around the garden

Tara’s an accountant, Lucy is an Anglican priest and artist. Prior to moving we managed to grow tomatoes, herbs and a few carrots in our garden box. We’ve killed a few house plants, but other than that we have little gardening experience. However, we want to live more sustainably and during our first summer here on our 0.65 acres we managed to produce a surprising amount of food, including some small squash, lots of tomatoes, corn, peppers, cucumbers and potatoes, but those were full of wire worms! Everything else got eaten by slugs and caterpillars.

Sharing carrot harvest from the balcony box in Vancouver

We figured if we can achieve that much in our first year with no clue what we’re doing, we should share the journey to prove that anyone can grow their way to sustainability, without needing a massive acreage or a ton of know how. Moon Snail Microstead was born! We hope you’ll tune in and enjoy the journey, no matter how much or how little space you have, growing your own food is the way forward for the planet, and your pocket!

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