5 Up-cycled Crafts to do with Your Kids

Going crazy at home? Trying to keep your kids occupied while making sure they don’t interact with other people? Yeah that’s fun….said no parent ever! While you’re self isolating thanks to COVID-19, don’t worry, you won’t even have to leave the house. Get your kids to dig out all their paints, pens glues etc whileContinue reading “5 Up-cycled Crafts to do with Your Kids”

3 Post Christmas Up-Cycling Hacks

If like me you’ve tried to take your recycling down and found it overflowing this year, you might want to try something new for next year to reduce waste and reuse what you’ve got. Old Christmas Cards When you take your cards down, instead of putting them straight into the recycling, use them as giftContinue reading “3 Post Christmas Up-Cycling Hacks”

The 5 R’s of sustainable living — Dream a Little Green with Me

When it comes to minimizing your impact on the planet, a lot of people feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. A simple way to start thinking more about ones’ behavior and how one consumes. Both in terms of food (food waste is a big problem, in Sweden 45 kg of food per person […]Continue reading “The 5 R’s of sustainable living — Dream a Little Green with Me”